At Go Greener Energy, we’re committed to providing exceptional service and helping our customers make eco-friendly choices. We’re proud of the positive reviews we’ve received on platforms like Bark and Trustpilot, which reflect the real experiences of our satisfied customers.

However, we’ve recently come across some outdated reviews on Google that refer to a previous company operating under the same name at our location. We’ve contacted Google to clarify this, but understand the confusion these might cause.

Rest assured, Go Greener Energy is a completely different entity with management and staff dedicated to exceeding expectations. We believe the best way to showcase our commitment is through genuine customer feedback on trusted platforms.

If you’ve had a positive experience with Go Greener Energy, we encourage you to share your opinion on Bark, Trustpilot, Google or on this website itself. Your feedback helps us grow and serve you better.

You can see, and of course add to, our feedback at: